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Ignition Services

Ignition Services

The ignition switch is a critical element in nearly every single vehicle on the road today. Though it’s an essential element for your car’s function, the part is one of the most commonly diagnosed reasons for ignition troubles, and depending on the type of car you drive you may be more prone to run into ignition switch failure. That’s why we took the time to write this article all about the ignition switch, including some basic information about why it’s an important part for your car, how to diagnose problems with it, and what to do to correct or prevent problems.

What Is The Ignition Switch?

Most recent vehicles have developed new ways to use the ignition. Whether your car uses a remote start button or a push-start, the concept of the traditional ignition switch is still a problem for many drivers on the road today. Ignition switches have a poor track record of holding up over time, especially the more use and abuse they encounter. The ignition switch is party of an assembly, or system, that includes the ignition lock cylinder. The entire mechanism is responsible for starting your car as well as providing power to specific areas of the vehicle, such as the electronic accessories, the ignition, and the engine. Since the ignition switch provides the initial access to vehicular power, it’s essential that the part is kept in working condition for the life of the car.

Symptoms of Ignition Switch Problems

Like all other concerning automotive performance issues, ignition switch failure produces specific symptoms that drivers should remain aware of. The symptoms that the ignition switch exhibits upon failure can often be confused with other ignition or engine issues, so it’s important to have an automotive specialist investigate the symptoms thoroughly to pinpoint the source. Here are a few of the most common issues that are related to ignition switch failure:

Engine Stalling While Driving

Engine stalling can be the result of a few different areas of concern; however, if it’s related to ignition switch failure it’s possible that stalling can occur while driving. This is very dangerous for drivers, and should be addressed immediately.

Engine Stalling Just Past Ignition

Engine stalling can occur while the car is moving and running, but perhaps even more frustrating is getting the car to start only for it to stall shortly after. This occurs when the ignition can provide the car with enough power to start, but cannot maintain its power.

Problems With Power Maintenance

As we mentioned before, the ignition switch is the direct line for providing power to the engine as well as the accessories in your vehicle, such as the interior lights, headlights, radio, windows, and door locks. If the ignition switch fails, you might initially notice that your car cannot receive enough power to do much of anything.

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